Paint Protection

AGlaze Paint Protection

The AGlaze paint sealant system used by SuperFinish provides the best possible protection for your vehicles paintwork.

Using a combnation of polymers and specialist UV absorbers, the AGlaze sealant ensures protection against fading, oxidisation and UV rays, as well as repelling acid rain and Industrial fallout.

AGlaze gives a permanent showroom shine, and reduces the need for vehicle cleaning by 50%. No polishing is necessary and AGlaze requires no re-applications or conservers and is guaranteed for 5 years on all automotive paint finishes.

  • Protects against acid rain
  • Protects against UV Light
  • Protects against colour fading
  • Protects against oxidisation and fallout
  • Protects against snow, ice and salt
  • Ensures a continuous showroom shine
  • Helps protect against bird dropping damage
  • Prolongs the paint life of your vehicle
  • Easy washing and no polishing
  • No top-ups or conservers required


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